Aven Colony Crack CPY / 3DM – Download PC Game Free

Aven Colony Crack CPY / 3DM – Download PC Game Free

Aven Colony Crack CPY / 3DM – Download PC Game Free

Aven Colony download pc game

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    • Intel Core i3-3220 3.3 GHz or higher
    • AMD Athlon II X3 455 or higher
    • Operating System:  Windows 7/8 64-bit
      Processor:  Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
      Memory:  4 GB RAM
      Video Card/DirectX Version:  DirectX 11 compatible graphics card

Aven Colony involves building a new human city on Aven Prime, an alien planet light-years away from Earth. The player oversees construction, resources and people within the colony. The colony must be built from scratch and over time additional colonists will arrive. There are many different buildings, ranging from tent-like buildings to skyscrapers, and these buildings include various categories such as oxygen creation, living quarters, food cultivation and resource mining. Flying drones are used to build, upgrade, recycle and manage everything in the colony. There is a day and night-cycle, and during the night cycle everything freezes over so food will not grow and solar panels don’t generate electricity. The colony must also cope with various environmental conditions including storms, dust devils, toxic gas and shard storms. There is also an alien called “the creep” which grows over buildings covering them in its tentacles; however, drones can be built to remove “the creep.” Research can be carried out to improve the crops that can be grown, and there are over a dozen different types of crop. There is a morale system which can be influenced by several different factors including food, living conditions, employment, crime and social policies set by the player. Regular elections are held in which the citizens can sack the player if morale gets too low. Ancient alien artifacts can be discovered and used as the colony expands.

To control all of this there are twelve different menus which give the player information about the colony. These menus include details on citizens, employment, commute, happiness, crime, resources, electricity, water, air, crops, structures and drones. The game speed can be adjusted up to eight times normal speed and paused at any time.

There are two main game modes. Campaign Mode includes many missions to complete, and within each mission there are objectives that the player must meet in order to complete the mission. In Sandbox Mode, initial conditions can be set, then a colony can be built on an open-ended world with no specific objectives.


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