Dark Fall Storm Warning Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Dark Fall Storm Warning Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Dark Fall Storm Warning Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

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You have inherited a classic Seaside Pier! Straight out of nowhere, a mysterious solicitor contacts you to tell you the good news, “…you are the last remaining relic of the Bazalgettes. The pier, both the building and contents are now yours. The key’s are enclosed”.

There’s only one catch…

The antique attraction closed down, for good, in March 1988. It’s a ruin! The old arcades, fairground and promenade are derelict; peeling fairground rides, rusting Victorian ironwork and malfunctioning arcade machines, and of course, the ghosts…

It started with the noises, unexplainable raps, taps and voices, centred around the old Edwardian Penny Arcade. Later came physical contact, manifestation and… trouble. People have disappeared in the old Bazalgette fragments, scraps of the pier, long forgotten by those on land. Some venture out for retro treasure hunting, others seek answers from the dead. Ghost Hunters believe the Pier is cursed, with many of the old inhabitants still walking the deck, over a hundred years out of time. It is a small miracle that the pier still stands, defying time and the elements. The ruin should have collapsed in to the crashing waves decades ago! So why does it remain? If you truly are the last of the Bazalgette’s, you may be the only person able to break the curse. Utilising a kitbag of ghost hunting gadgets and your detective skills, you have one night to explore Bazalgette Pier.

BEWARE: There is a storm rolling in from the North Sea, with high waves and strong winds set to batter the South Coast. After over a hundred years of steadfast resilience, the Bazalgette Pier may be facing the end. Only the last sea soaked remnants remain standing, yet the place echoes with the past. Is there a supernatural explanation for the piers unnatural survival?


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