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Destiny 2 PC Download Full Game Crack CPY 3DM

Destiny 2 PC Download Full Game Crack CPY 3DM

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Destiny 2 will presumably expand upon the formula found in the original game with new weapons, abilities and mechanics. Bungie has a solid foundation to build upon, with fans consistently returning to its galaxy thanks to the satisfying combat and gunplay.


Destiny’s single player experience was brief, underwhelming and incredibly disappointing for a lot of players. Each mission consisted of a series of generic battles followed by defending a specific point on the map. This got old quickly, with the occasional boss battle doing nothing to alleviate the monotony.

Bungie needs to give Destiny 2 a complete overhaul in this department, providing players with a dedicated campaign on release. A compelling, cohesive story that does away with all the confusion of the first entry would be welcomed by fans.


Instead of a fun, planet hopping adventure we were treated to a predictable sequence of levels broken up by confusing cutscenes. Rarely were we given any context for our actions, left to stew in a pool full of arbitrary motivations and two-dimensional characters. The original story for Destiny was completely rewritten during development, according to Kotaku. This gives Bungie the perfect oppurtunity to produce a story worthy of the game’s fantastic universe.

Destiny 2, though as predictable as it might be, could benefit from a storyline told throughout a linear campaign. The characters, locations and lore established here could be expanded in the game’s multiplayer through additional exploration in the many raids and strikes. This could also provide Bungie the opportunity to produce some magnificent set pieces, harkening back to its Halo roots.


Destiny’s hub area was a neat little environment ripe with vendors, dynamic social features and gorgeous visuals, and the sequel could make this even better. Imagine a unique, sprawling city populated by other players going about their business.

Destiny endured a shaky launch, but slowly won the hearts of its now incredibly passionate fanbase.

Destiny’s multiplayer-focused shooting offered a solid FPS experience with engaging MMO-inspired elements, but failed to provide a cohesive solo campaign worth caring for at launch. However, DLC allowed Bungie to make amends to many of these shortcomings.

2015’s The Taken King DLC finally gave this gorgeous universe some engaging characters and universe-expanding lore. Now all we can do is hope Destiny 2 builds upon such momentum, pushing the franchise to the ambitious new heights it is, in the right hands, fully capable of reaching.

Rise of the Iron launched at the tail-end of 2016 and continued to add more. Now, we finally have information about Destiny’s final expansion pack, including a welcome return to the Vault of Glass. Age of Triumph is set to be the final piece of DLC before players and Bungie move on to Destiny 2, which is set to arrive this year. Bungie is giving us a final hurrah before we finally transition to the next entry in the series. TrustedReviews has rounded up everything we know so far about the game.


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