Land Of Britain Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Land Of Britain Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Land Of Britain Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

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About Games:

Unrepeatable quests and events, an evolving world, dynamic dungeons and fights

  • A single world that constantly changes as a result of the events (atmospheric and more)
  • Unique quests and events influenced by players’ choices
  • Different storylines that evolve and combine themselves together in several way

3 immediately playable kingdoms and an evolving storyline that could greatly change the balance of Britannia

  • Dynamic KvK (Kingdom vs Kingdom), characters choices may change
  • Unique KvK events to live Britannia’s history as a protagonist
  • A mysterious menace threaten the whole world and it will change the fate of the kingdoms

Choose your profession, follow your storyline and participate actively to your kingdom’s success, for a truly cooperative game experience

  • Specific and dynamic storyline for every class, crafters included
  • New and different gathering and crafting systems
  • Every skill you acquire contributes to the development of the story and the success of your adventures
  • Develop your character in a unique and personal way

Do you favor a skill based combat system or a more intuitive and linear one? Do you like to craft and trade? Or do you prefer the social and diplomatic aspect of the game? Whatever is your play style you will find what is up your alley

  • Gameplay and combat system designed for both casual and hardcore gamers
  • Adventurer or crafter, you’ll be the protagonist
  • PvE, PvP, KvK, your choice
  • 3 Kingdoms, 18 races and 18 classes to choose from
  • Organize your guild and challenge the others to rule your kingdom
  • 5 support apps, smooth and easy sharing on the most popular social networks, an integrated card game


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