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Rigns 2, the sequel to hit RPG Reigns, is set to swipe its way to your PC, iPhone or iPad this year. Meanwhile, players of the original Regins are getting a new expansion tot he original Tinder-like game this February.

One of the most unique mobile games of the past year, Reigns, is getting a sequel, cleverly named Reigns 2, from developer Nerial.

The original game has you swiping left or right to make decisions as the King, keeping your kingdom together as long as possible.

This time, however, you get to play as the Queen.

Details are a little thin on the ground, however, besides a report at TouchArcade stating that a new DLC expansion pack for the original game, Reigns, is slated for February of this year. It will have even more characters, cards, and monsters to deal with across the lives of your various kings (you don’t think only one king will be enough, do you?).

The original Reigns was a substantial hit, with many outlets (including AppAdvice) placing it on their top games of 2016 lists.

In Reigns, you encounter scenarios on various cards and you’ll choose a path with a simple swipe left or right, like a medieval Tinder app. Your choices will then raise or lower various stats, which contribute to the health of your kingdom. Choose well and your kingdom will last and last. Choose poorly and you’ll be assassinated, the merchants will stage a bloody coup, or your closest advisors will find a way to replace you.

It’s a ton of fun, and the new concept of running a kingdom from a Queen’s perspective – typically not the real head of state and someone who must get things done via subterfuge and influence – sounds like a lovely tweak to an already fantastic formula.

Until then, though, we’ll at least get new stuff to play with in February, right?



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