Revelation Online PC Download Full Game Crack Multiplayer

Revelation Online PC Download Full Game Crack Multiplayer

Revelation Online PC Download Full Game Crack Multiplayer


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  • You can install either x86 or x64 version of the game
  • Language can be changed in game settings
  • Installation takes 10-20 minutes (depending on your system and selected components)

Q: How do you compress games? With what tools?
A: I use mostly FreeArc for compression and Inno Setup as an installer. Some games require other compressors, but in 99.9% of cases it’s FreeArc.



    • Intel Pentium dual-core 2.4GHz processor.
      • GeForce 9500GT / GT610 or Intel HD4000 graphics card.
      • RAM: 2 GB.
      • Operating System: Windows XP SP3.
    • Storage: 10 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card


Revelation Online is a breathtaking MMO where you embark on amazing adventures, explore numerous PVP modes, enjoy multiple unique classes, and embolden yourself through countless character creation options.

Seamless World

Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery. Admire stunning views – cliffs, forests, mountains, and cities with the power of flight to experience absolute freedom of exploration.

The Freedom of Flight!

Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky. Dive into the waters or climb to the top of the world – in Revelation Online you can freely reach any place.

A Vast Sovereign Empire

Ten provinces and three great cities lie within the bounds of Nuanor, where you will always find a new adventure. Within each Great City stands a magnificent castle. Spread across the world seven more strongholds await adventurers from castles in the sky to those hidden in the depths below.

Story-Driven Adventures

Unravel the legend of a mysterious artifact unfolding in exciting cut-scenes throughout solo adventures, fascinating group quests and a great variety of dungeons. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure, if you are asked to bring back someone’s head trust it’s for good reasons.

Glory Within Your Grasp

Fly to fabled places in which you will always find new friends to storm a myriad of dungeons located in caves, blighted deserts and realms of eternal shadow. Gather your group of 5 or 10 to overcome obstacles and defeat the bosses within to be awarded with glory and unique outfits.

Soar with the Greatest

Even at maximum level, the game has just begun! Hone your tactical skills and gain epic equipment by gathering your allies and taking on towering bosses in multiphase raids with up to 20 players. Prevailing in these challenges will prove your mettle and rank you amongst Nuanor’s greatest heroes!

Become a Legend

In the darkest corners of our Empire lurk numerous legendary beasts. These beasts forgive no mistakes and yield to no hero. Raise your army and face the greatest foe to become part of the legend.

Massive Scale Conflicts

The fight for one of the guild strongholds in Nuanor can become massive in scale. Litterally thousands of players can take defensive positions on the ramparts or assault the forts shoulder to shoulder with friends. Fight for the glory and prestige of your guild and wave your banner on your conquered castle.

Open World PvP

Once you reach the right level and are willing to take the chance, you can participate in open world PvP. Kill offenders, avenge fallen friends or defend a rare spawn together with your allies. Declare personal wars on your own, but be wary for the penalizing system. This is a system of high risks and high rewards.

Enter the Ring

The Arena is only for the best of the best. Gladiators from all servers can duke it out to dominate the rankings, reap the rewards and take titles home at the end of each season.

Spectacular Aerial Battles

Don’t use your wings just for exploration and barrel rolls. The power granted to you through your wings can also be put to use in combat. Use your aerial fighting skills to participate in spectacular sky battles.




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