Seclusion Islesbury Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Seclusion Islesbury Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

Seclusion Islesbury Download PC Game Crack CPY / 3DM

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About Games:

Seclusion: Islesbury is a mystery/horror adventure game with a focus on creating a deep atmosphere and an absorbing journey. In this journey you will explore various locations with countless mysteries to solve while trying to stay out of the madness that surround the town. Is it really possible to solve a decade old murder case? Is it really safe to wonder on these streets? Is there anyone to help you in this town? Find it out for yourself!

    • Explore realistic, detailed locations ranging from desolated apartments to lonely streets, dark woods to dangerous cliffs, and more.
    • Unravel secrets of a town with an infamous past.
    • Solve sensible puzzles that will challenge and guide you through the game.
  • First person panoramic, high quality visuals that will help you experience the journey in a more immersive manner.

Bright morning light falls over Detective James Endel on his bed. He has no desire to leave this gentle silence, but sleeping is not what he needs. He wants peace of mind, a way to make the pain in his mind go away. With no other plausible option, he leaves his bed in a sunny September morning expecting a day like any other, but he is yet to realize that next a few days will take him to a journey from his nightmares.

I am very happy to share first screens of Seclusion: Islesbury. They are still very much work in progress and might change quite a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be able to give you an idea of what I’m aiming for in this game.

Seclusion is a panoramic point and click adventure game that will take you to the mysterious town of Islesbury where you’ll be looking to solve years old murders with in the light of new clues as Detective Jason Endel. While solving murders looks like the main objective of our protagonist, there a lot more to this journey then simply solving the secrets behind a few murders. Things are always worse than they seem to be in this world.




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